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In a Nutshell

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My blog is a place where I have fun writing about my experiences on the Isle of Bute.  This a celebration of my ancestry, a forum for making new memories, and my own personal story.  If you are interested in what I am up to on this Scottish adventure, then Kyles of Bute is for you.

I am Kylie Sprott, a proud mother of two, a daughter, a sister, an aunty and loyal friend.  I love my work, but I also love travel and living life to the full.  I live in Australia with Ruby and Hamilton, and our two dogs Evie and Rusty.  Although I was born and bred in Australia, each of my Grandparents have roots in Scotland.  A journey back through my ancestry brought me to beautiful Bute.

The "Kyles of Bute" is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and a narrow stretch of water that separates Bute from Argyll.  

AND, although my name is Kylie, those closest to me call me Kyles.  😊

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