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And the countdown is on

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Things have been a bit all over the shop lately. Some great highs and some challenging lows. I am often juggling a lot of responsibilities and sometimes it just all gets a bit hard. Most of the time I am a pretty happy soul, but every now and then I certainly feel the pressure of being an adult. But don't we all?

However, I am keeping very focused on my impending visit to my happy place - the beautiful Bute. In 9 sleeps, I will be back on a plane and heading back to the UK. And in 12 sleeps, I will be making my way back to Rothesay!

Although I keep in regular contact with Trish, I cannot wait to see her and Shaun and catch up properly. The last time I was there, Trish gifted me this lovely little plaque from her shop, which has pride of place in our home in Brisbane. It is a great reminder of all of the wonders that are unfolding over in Rothesay!

This week the new windows will be installed and it looks like Shaun is making a start on the insulation and the new (& improved walls). It will be amazing to see the flat looking all ship shape and ready for its new kitchen, bathroom, flooring and paint. I am also very much looking forward to seeing the surprise fireplace too.

I have no doubt that much of this trip will be focused on making decisions and a few shopping expeditions. I am excited to start to focus on the decorating (something that I am more comfortable with!) and to learn from Trish and Shaun as well.

I am also looking forward to finally meeting Isabel, the Bute genealogist and hopefully catching up with the other locals that I met on my last trip. I have carefully written down all of the locations where my ancestors lived around Bute, so that I can find those on this trip. I am also hoping to make a visit to their graves, if I can locate them.

The sunsets on Bute are quite simply spectacular, so I am looking forward to experiencing those during the Autumn season. Trish recently sent me these photos from the woodland walk that separates their house from my flat - and as you can see, it is an incredible view. Very calming indeed.

So here is to making the days in between count, and to making my way back to Bute and all of the lovely people that I have met there already. I can't wait!

ps. for those who are interested in my lovely plaque from Trish, you can find it at the Green Interiors, Rothesay:

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1 opmerking

Glen Wright
27 okt. 2022

Have a great time. Beautiful time of the year there. Wilma and Glen

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