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Here comes the rain again

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

In the never ending kaleidoscope that is Bute, the weather has shifted once more. Although I am currently sweltering in humid and hot conditions in Brisbane (hello 35 degrees), Bute is instead shrouded in decidedly cold and very wet weather. I am a wee bit envious. Right now, the idea of adding extra layers of clothing to keep warm sounds very appealing!

But inclement or not, progress continues at my flat. With all of the kitchen cabinets up in the flat, Trish and Shaun are hard at work installing these. The plan is to have all of the cabinets in place by the end of this week - or at a minimum, the carcasses.

Although you cannot yet see the cabinets in these photos, you can see the gorgeous butler sink, which I have decided that I am now deeply in love with. At this stage, I won't share too many details about the cabinets or the design that we have agreed on for the kitchen, to provide more suspense for the grand reveal!

Oh and I must give special kudos to the lovely Trish. It turns out that she alone helped the elderly delivery man carry all of those boxes up the stairs to my flat. Shaun!?!? Thank you so much Trish - the word "legend" doesn't even begin to convey my admiration!!

In other exciting news, apparently the roofer has been up on the roof and installed the new flue for the boiler. We relocated the boiler to the kitchen (a much more sensible location) and this is now all good to go. I know how high up this is, so bravo to the brave soul who was on that roof getting the flue sorted. Thank you!

I do love that photo with the ladder and the bird flying over head!

In tandem with the new kitchen installation, Trish and Shaun are busily sending me ideas for the bathroom. Sadly, it looks like our vision of the wee bath under the window may not work with the space. So, we are looking at a new configuration and that means a bit of a rethink. First world problems of course!

I am keeping myself busy with creating a curated list of the bits and pieces that we need to make the flat into a comfortable holiday home. Between us, we have already purchased a dining table, a dresser, a book case and 3 mirrors. Why so many mirrors?! Thankfully, Trish and Shaun have stored most of these at their home. There is a lot to think about - but probably to start with, the most urgent purchases now are beds, linen, towels and a couch. Everything else can be purchased over time.

Finally, I am getting excited to bring my two children over at Easter - we have the makings of our travel plans under way. I cannot wait to introduce them to Bute, the flat and all things Scottish. But more than anything, I am looking forward to introducing them to my wonderful friends across the UK - and especially Trish and Shaun.

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