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  • Kylie Sprott

If these walls could talk

Work continues at the Kyles of Bute flat. To be entirely honest, I am thrilled at the cracking pace. Even though every day seems to bring new "surprises", it is exciting to see the progress from afar.

This week presented more opportunities for improvement in my wee flat. Yes, I remain very positive! The electrician came along and made sure that the wiring was replaced for all of my sockets and installed plenty of new plugs. Excellent!

And the mouldy wall in the kitchen is now completely removed. The discovery of more mould on the opposite kitchen/bathroom wall, meant that had to go too. All of that is easily fixed and we will make sure the new kitchen is waterproofed.

The spare bedroom apparently had some gaping holes along the skirting boards. Coupled with the unsealed windows, things would have been a bit chilly in this room during winter. In the spirit of doing things properly, Trish and Shaun elected to avoid a patch job and put in place some new plasterboard. This will definitely provide a much better finish.

In a very exciting development, the electrician made quite a discovery whilst trying to put a socket in the wall in main lounge and dining room. He was met with fresh air, which was obviously a bit of a concern. Once Shaun pulled off the plaster, he discovered the original fireplace! This is exceptionally good news from my side, as I definitely wanted a fireplace in the flat - and an original fireplace will have so much more character. So, I am pleased as punch!

The plan is to take the slate hearth from the fireplace in my bedroom (which we won't keep as a fireplace) and move that to the fireplace in the lounge.

And a very special thanks to Liam, our fab plumber. He came, he saw and he conquered this week. Not only has he been busy re-positioning things in the bathroom and kitchen, he has also been busy making sure that all of the heating pipes have been changed from plastic (which is illegal and rather dangerous, just quietly) to copper.

So, a huge week of progress! Bravo to Trish and Shaun - I am so pleased to know that the flat is being given the love that it deserves and will be in really good shape now. I am also very relieved to know that it won't be as cold there in the winter.

Can't wait to see what next week brings.

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