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Mirror, mirror

I am back in Australia, and embracing the productivity that jet lag always seems to bring. The contrast in weather could not be more extreme, after such arctic conditions in the UK. So, as I sit sweltering in my PJs in Brisbane's humid summer once more, it seems surreal to reflect on my recent time on Bute - and the frosty, yet serenely beautiful conditions there.

I will be pacing myself with my posts, as there are many stories to tell. But this one is a beautiful reminder of my wonderful friend Sarah and our short time together at my flat. After happily discovering that we would both be in Scotland at the same time, we had less than 48 hours together. We managed to squeeze in more than you can imagine into that short time! I think we happily exhausted each other by the time she left for London. I missed her after she left - as I trust her, listen to her and love her advice.

However, there is now a lasting legacy of Sarah that will always be in the flat. Like me, she loves checking out second hand and antique shops for unique finds. We both get a kick out of pre-loved items and the character they always bring to any home. So, not suprisingly, she also loved For Bute - quite possibly the best place to find hidden gems.

Sarah spotted a truly magnificent and ornate mirror as soon as we entered the shop. We agreed that it was a must buy and excitedly discussed where we would hang it. I later found out that it came from a large residence on the island - hence its sense of grandeur.

We both agreed that it should be hung in the kitchen on the newly installed brick walls. We had different reasons for this idea - I had seen this concept recently in a movie and fell in love with how it looked. Sarah, the smart woman that she is, explained that it would immediately show the water view to anyone who entered the kitchen - as well as make the room look bigger. We both thought that it would serve to break up the heaviness of the brick.

We excitedly shared our idea with David, interior designer extraordinaire from Sloan Monteith. He politely looked at us like we were mad. We both smiled back at him, un-deterred. After Sarah left, I engaged the services of a local called Jim, who has helped me with a range of jobs since. He also had a look of curiosity on his face as he carefully measured up the wall. But after it was up, he was sold. I think David was too, just quietly!

And here you can see how the mirror showcases the view more extensively. Clever Sarah!

These photos show the kitchen before the mirror and after - and the transformation is quite remarkable to be honest.

"Sarah's mirror", as it shall be henceforth referred to, is quite possibly the hero piece of the flat - or at the very least, of the kitchen.

You can also see how lovely the new navy wool blinds are, expertly installed by Sloan Monteith. And in less exciting news, there is also now a gorgeous navy bin to blend into the cabinetry.

This room has always been a favourite place of mine to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. During my last trip, I found myself writing a lot there too, gazing out at the view. I seem to order my thoughts well in that space.

So what a legacy from our short time together in Scotland - thank you Sarah! I loved our adventures together and it made me so very happy to share my flat with you.

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