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  • Kylie Sprott

Misty Mountain Hop

There are many things to love about Bute. But something that always seems to take me a bit by surprise is the changeable weather. It is certainly not as cold as other parts of Scotland, but the weather can move through all four seasons easily in one day.

On my last trip, I was strangely excited to experience the cold weather in January. I knew it would be chilly, so I came prepared with thermals and boots made for the snow. I wasn't taking any chances, as I was intent on exploring and being active outside. All of my preparation paid off and I happily left the flat each day knowing that I would be suitably attired for anything that the day could throw at me.

What I didn't expect to see was the incredible mist that appeared for a few days, as the sun made her entrance. The view from my flat was quite incredible, and I sat mesmerized, watching the mist slowly reveal a glorious day with brilliant blue skies. It was magical!

Here is the view from the back of the flat:

And equally beautiful is the view from the front of the flat:

Once outside, I learnt quite quickly that my new snow boots were not just a fabulous fashion statement - they were essential to stay upright on the decidedly icy conditions. It wasn't quite snow, but it was bewitching to me all the same.

I picked up a coffee from my mates at Bonnie Bling and went exploring around Rothesay on foot. Even walking down Serpentine Road was a bit scary, as it was so slippery. The locals seemed unperturbed, as no doubt this was not a unique experience for them. I am pretty sure that I was the only one snapping pictures!

Aah what a great memory! I am really enjoying getting to know the island and all of its natural beauty. It all feels so new and yet somehow familiar. I feel very fortunate to have my little haven hidden away in such a special place.

My friends on the island tell me that Spring is now on its way. So, milder temperatures and a season of renewal is imminent. I am already looking forward to my next visit in a few months!

Ps. "Misty Mountain Hop" is a Led Zeppelin song that was released as the B side to "Black Dog". Many believe it is a reference to the Misty Mountains in Tolkien's "The Hobbit". It is generally accepted as a reflection of Robert Plant's quest for a better society with individual freedom and a life of mutual support and rapport. Nice!

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