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Old places have a soul

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

One of the reasons I loved the look of the building, was that it was old. I love the character of old buildings and all of the stories that are held within their walls. I also like the idea of blending the old with new. So, buying an attic flat in an old building was a good fit for me and I could easily visualise what it could be.

However, old places don't just have a soul - they often have a few hidden issues too. My flat is no exception. In fact, as Trish and Shaun get to work, they continue to uncover more and more surprises. There is nothing that can't be fixed, but it will be good to be confident that it is warm and safe. At the moment, that isn't 100% the case.

So, work is well underway to ensure that the right heating pipes are in place and that some much needed insulation is installed. Some of the windows will need to be replaced and one of the walls has severe mould due to past water damage.

However, in the words of Trish, it is not as bad as it sounds and it is all fixable!

Apparently there is an old fireplace in the wall in the main bedroom. This will need capping as there was plenty of rubbish in there. Part of me loves the idea of a real fireplace in the bedroom - but then I think about the practicalities of that and I realise it is probably not a great idea. I am not even sure if anyone in the close uses the original chimneys? I will have to ask Charlie on my next visit.

I am really excited to see what everything looks like when I return in November. Things seem to be moving along at a cracking pace, which is brilliant. And of course, once we get the foundations sorted, then we can move onto the bits that I feel like I have more knowledge of - the aesthetic!

I was happy to see that Trish and Shaun are also thinking about those things, when I saw this photo of Shaun with some tile options for the bathroom. It made me smile!

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