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Out with the old

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in the modern age, a photo can be a little deceptive. And so that has proven to be true with my flat.

The bones are really good - plenty of space, amazing views and enormous potential. But some of the photos of the flat didn't tell the full story. I had made an assumption that the bathroom and kitchen were pretty much okay. Maybe I had been overly focused on that red carpet too much?!

During our very first visit to the flat, Trish and Shaun gently pointed out a lot of things that I hadn't really noticed. There were issues around the placement of the gas meter, the boiler and the previous owner had literally just painted the existing bath... Whilst I was dreaming of paint colours and furniture, Trish and Shaun were busy bringing me back to basics. The foundations had to be sorted first. And of course, they were right.

Sometimes I don't notice the detail - until it is pointed out. And then, it cannot be unseen. So that kitchen that looked okay in the photos? Well, it turns out that the tiles had been glued on with no spacing and no grout. That oven is damaged and not workable. The cupboards had not been installed properly. Dodgy workmanship seemed to be the over riding theme.

But, this also presented enormous opportunity - we could strip the flat back, make sure everything was in order first, and then start with a blank canvas. Once I got past the feeling of being a little overwhelmed, I was filled with gratitude to have Trish and Shaun guiding me through this process.

The first thing to go was that nasty wallpaper in the lounge room! Strangely satisfying to rip that stuff off - Trish and I were happy to do that!

And then the planning began in earnest. That was the fun bit! Once I had a good sleep and time to digest the work that needed to be done, I was excited to bounce around ideas with Trish and Shaun. They are both creative, patient with my questions, practical and focused on a fit for purpose outcome. I could see that we will work really well together.

The last time I was in Rothesay was only for 5 nights in August - and during that time we had thoroughly assessed the flat and worked out a plan. We agreed on paint colours, flooring, the new kitchen cabinets, tiles, joinery and even some pieces of furniture. We had a clear vision. As a sentimental softie, I definitely want to have some of my ancestors' tartans in that vision too - I want to be respectful of them.

By the time I was in London, the work on the flat had begun. Trish sent me photos to keep me up to speed on what was happening. I was thrilled at the steady progress. I was also equally thrilled to see the red carpet had been removed.

There was a final hiccup before I boarded my flight back to Brisbane. As part of the close, I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Charlene (or Charlie!) who lives in the building and helps to coordinate everyone. She was incredibly helpful and very friendly. I am looking forward to getting to know her! Thankfully, she also created a WhatsApp group for all of the residents.

I was just about to board my flight when I received a panicked message from the neighbours directly below my flat. Apparently there was water leaking through their ceiling. I was trying to remain calm as I rang Trish for help. She and Shaun sprang into action and quickly resolved the issue - and made sure that my neighbour was happy. Trish even offered to bake them a cake - which is pretty hilarious, considering she doesn't bake!!!

And so now, I am watching the changes from a distance with great anticipation and excitement. I know that my flat is in very trusted hands and I can't wait to get back in November to see what has been achieved.

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