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Ready, set, go!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

So the new year is off to a cracking start. And although the days may be short right now in Scotland, they are seemingly very productive. Work is well underway at my flat and things are really starting to take shape.

At this time of year in Australia, we are typically in the midst of a summer malaise. We regularly overindulge and most of the country is on holidays from Christmas to the end of January. Things seem to ramp up and get back to their normal pace once we hit February. So, in contrast it is incredibly pleasing to know that there is a hive of activity taking place at my flat.

Although it looks colder and the colours are more moody and dramatic on Bute, the natural beauty of the island is not diminished, just simply reimagined. Snow can be seen on the mountain peaks and temperatures still hover close to freezing point.

The view from my flat is different, but still compelling. I don't think I will ever tire of these views and I look forward to watching them shift in harmony with the four seasons.

Inside the flat, Trish and Shaun are hard at work! They are now focused on getting the bathroom ready. It has been completely cleared out (with the exception of the toilet, which will be re-positioned in time) and the sheeting is up on the walls. I can absolutely visualise a wee claw foot bath underneath that window.

I was particularly impressed to see Trish hard at work in the bathroom. Check out this video of her in action - what a woman!

But all of that rubbish from the bathroom had to go somewhere. Luckily each of the flats in the building have their own coal cellar. I do remember being quite fascinated with that concept when I purchased the flat. Ultimately, it will prove to be a wonderful option for storage - but for now, it is the perfect place to put all of the rubbish until it can be removed permanently.

Massive kudos to Trish who did 20 trips down the stairs from my flat to the cellar with bags of rubbish. There are 72 steps... Yes, 72! No wonder she is so fit and fabulous.

For those who are curious as to what it looks like, here are a couple of snaps of both the inside and the outside. It is surprisingly spacious, as you can see.

Next stop is getting the sage green paint and the gorgeous navy kitchen cabinets that we have selected sorted. I am incredibly excited to see how they will look. It is all starting to come together now and I can't wait to get back to see it all in person.

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