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  • Kylie Sprott

Running up that hill

According to Trish, there was a bit of a hill in my kitchen flat. And although I am a Kate Bush fan, I am pretty keen to have a level floor underfoot. Not much to ask me thinks!

Most probably it was water damaged at some point (hence the adjoining mouldy walls) and the repairs were less than ideal. I do remember actually thinking it was on a bit of a slope when I was there having a look around. But at the time, there were so many other things to focus on, that I probably gave that issue the smallest amount of attention.

Thankfully, we are making sure that the foundation pieces of work are all done properly this time, and the kitchen floor is now solid as a rock! Apparently, Trish performed a wee Scottish highland jig on the floor, just to be certain.

Here are the obligatory before and after photos. I really like looking at these, as you can also see the view, as well as the very pleasing progress. Look at those mountains over yonder!

Slowly but surely, you can see that it is all coming together.

Trish and Shaun continue to move at a cracking pace. Trish tells me that they plan to have all of the plasterboard walls up, the new windows in and the boarding on the floor in preparation for our final wood flooring - before my next visit in November.

So, that is a mere 5 and a bit weeks away. If the past is any indicator of the future, I think they are going to smash that goal. I can't wait to see it all in person!

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