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Somewhere, over the rainbow

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Despite my very best intentions, I didn't manage to update my blog whilst on Bute. Instead, much of my visit was spent feeling incredibly ill and in bed with a fever. That did put the brakes on a number of my plans - nothing like being sick to bring you to back down to earth with a thud.

However, I was incredibly lucky to be staying with Trish and Shaun. They looked after me, brought me endless cups of tea, supplied me with medicine and liberal dashes of kindness and love. I wasn't at home in my bed in Australia - but I was safe and well cared for. I was lucky.

In what must have been some kind of record, I slept for 36 hours - with Trish gently making sure that I was still breathing every now and then. Thankfully, my covid test was negative - which was a big relief all round.

Before and after the "big sleep", I managed to get up to have a look at the flat. I will post up some more pics of the progress in a later blog entry, as things are really starting to take shape. However, this photo from the flat, in particular, makes me smile.

[photo credit Shaun]

One of the many remarkable things about Bute is the ever changing weather. The morning might be freezing, with icy winds and driving rain - and then the afternoon might be mild, with lovely sun and clear skies. And in between, there are often rainbows connecting the two extremes. It is a reminder that weather can be fleeting and doesn't last forever - and if you are lucky, it can be the same when you feel ill.

On this journey, I decided to take the fast train from London to Glasgow (via Edinburgh). And although it did take longer than flying, the countryside had me mesmerised for hours. I will absolutely be taking my kids on this route when we visit next year. I can't think of a better way to introduce them to Scotland.

Despite feeling ill, we still managed to get quite a bit done during my visit. I am excited to share some updates about the flat, my family history and my ongoing fascination with beautiful Bute. I will pace myself though and keep some of that detail for future blog posts. Best not to reveal it all in one go!

It was indeed a cold time to visit - but the Autumn leaves and breathtakingly beautiful countryside made all of that entirely bearable! And of course, the wonderful people that make visiting so special.

A huge thank you to Trish and Shaun - not only are they my renovation partners in crime, but they were literally my carers during a dire time in need. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe my feelings! Thank you. x

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