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Willow or Oak?

According to some, you are born either a willow or an oak. Although I sometimes have shades of the willow in my personality, I was born an oak. No doubt my family and close friends would agree. Sometimes tough, but always solid and dependable.

So, is it any real surprise that I have a bit of an affinity for anything to do with oak - whether that be my choice of chardonnay, flooring or the new countertops in my Rothesay kitchen. I love how it looks and feels - and how incredibly resilient it is, no matter what life throws its way. Yep, I am an oak.

Many moons ago, when I first entered The Green Interiors in Rothesay, I spied the gorgeous oak floors underfoot. It was here that I first met Trish and quickly developed an appreciation of her exquisite taste. We were destined to be friends.

I loved those floors - they looked like they belonged in a vintage space, whilst somehow exuding a contemporary feel. They were simultaneously warm, light and sophisticated, with a bit of a "cool kid" vibe. They had me at hello.

So, when it came to choosing the flooring for the flat, it was a no brainer for me. I immediately explained to Trish and Shaun that I wanted the same floors that they had in The Green. As the floors are now being installed throughout the flat, I can't help but feel awe struck at their beauty. If they look even half as good in person as they do in the photos, I will be thrilled.

These photos are taken in my bedroom and if you look closely, you can see that antique Victorian dresser that I bought back in August. The poor thing has been there (in the way...) throughout all of the renovations. But doesn't it look gorgeous next to those floors and the sage green walls!? Yes, yes it does!

Oak also features in the kitchen, which is coming along very nicely. We have oak countertops and there will soon be open oak shelves on the exposed brick walls. Underneath that little breakfast bar will be two stools, with (you guessed it) oak seats.

Here you can see our magnificent dark navy cabinets and how they beautifully contrast against the oak floors and countertops. I still marvel at that view and cannot wait to sit there and have a nice cup of tea.

For those who pay close attention, you might have noticed that I mentioned exposed brick walls in the kitchen? And yet, there are currently no exposed brick walls?! Trish and Shaun have suggested brick slip tiles, to create that look. As they will be featured on two walls in the kitchen and will provide a splash back, Trish has been busily waterproofing these little babies. Thanks Trish!

On my last trip to Bute in November (which seems like an eon ago), we went shopping for light fittings. I remember being terribly ill that day, but also somewhat thrilled at our purchases. I knew that we had chosen well. I am happy to confirm that we have, indeed chosen well. Check out these gorgeous new additions to the ceiling.

Here you can see the art deco style light in the hall way, the chandelier for my bedroom, the very modern lights for the second bedroom (for my very modern teenagers) and the brass lights for the lounge/dining room.

Meanwhile, my mate Liam, resident plumber and all round good guy, has been busy. Not only has he managed to get all of the plumbing sorted in the kitchen, he is now busily sorting out the bathroom - which has extended to the tiling with my new white, bevelled subway tiles. I am very pleased with how they look and can't wait to see the rest of the bathroom.

Outside of the flat, life on Bute has been rather chilly of late. Whilst we battle ridiculously hot temps in Brisbane, to my shock, it has been snowing in the UK. Although it didn't last long, it was still snowing... Isn't Spring coming over there?!

Well, we are close to the countdown now. The flat is coming together beautifully and soon I will be visiting with Ruby and Hamilton in tow. I have absolutely no doubt that they are going to fall in love with the magic of Scotland and Bute, just as I have. I can't wait to see Trish, Shaun and my friends in Rothesay. And I cannot wait to see the finished flat. There may be tears, of joy!

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